Jackie A. Castro is a therapist providing therapy and counseling for sexual fetishes and sexual addiction in Northridge and Granada Hills California.
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Sex Addiction

Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is more than having a high sex drive or a huge appetite for sex. It's engaging in sexual situations that are dangerous to you or your loved one. That may take the form of casual affairs, unsafe sex, excessive masturbation, voyeurism, and/or spending money on commercial sex rather than paying your bills.

Sexual addiction is a form of obsessive-compulsive behavior. Your sex drive is intense and feels out of control. The more you satisfy your needs, the more shameful you feel. As a result, you repeat your out of control behaviors in order to relieve anxiety. But the more you do it, the worse you feel. It's a vicious cycle.

Sexual addiction can be managed. Abstinence or celibacy is not the answer. I have successfully taught many people how to manage their sexual compulsions. I use proven behavioral techniques to highlight the compulsivity of your behavior. Together we figure out a healthy, workable balance. Ultimately you learn how to be intimate with your own partner and feel sexually fulfilled.

- Jackie A. Castro, MA, MFT © 2007

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