Jackie A. Castro is a Marriage Family Therapist practicing Individual Counseling in Granada Hills and Northridge California.
Therapy In Northridge
Individual One-On-One Therapy

Individual Therapy

In most cases individual therapy is the most effective way of affecting change and growth. It’s completely private, discrete and enables you to delve deeply into yourself. The focus is on you and your life.

The relationship developed between yourself and the therapist develops as time goes on. Patterns and ways of behaving emerge that often reflect on the relationships you have in the outside world.

Individual therapy is rich in that it lends itself to self-discovery in ways that will unfold as time progresses. The process is magical in that the therapeutic relationship is a journey that leads to paths of healing, growth and life change.


Types of Individual Therapy:

Crisis Intervention

Goal Focused Therapy

Continuing Psychotherapy

Remember: It’s OK to commit to shorter therapy to get a feel for the process. Oftentimes, shorter therapies stir up some buried unresolved emotions. Many of my patients opt to make a longer time commitment after they experience the power of a few sessions and get comfortable with the therapy process.

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