Jackie A. Castro is a therapist providing therapy and counseling for sexual fetishes, anxiety, depression and PTSD in Northridge and Granada Hills California.
Therapy In Northridge


Depression can be situational. Something has happened that feels overwhelming. Maybe someone close to you has died or a long-term relationship has ended. You might be unhappy at work or feeling stuck or in a rut. The coping skills you generally use are no longer effective. It's helpful to have a place to be able to express yourself and really be heard. Therapy is very different than talking to a friend in that the focus goes deeper than merely problem solving. It's about looking underneath and uncovering life-long thoughts and patterns. We might find areas that need to be adjusted and worked through.

Depression can also be pervasive. It's like having a low grade fever. The feeling is ever-present. You know something is wrong. You just don't know how or why. The feelings are so overwhelming that you might actually feel paralyzed. Eventually you numb out and emotionally check out. Life is truly that painful.

When you think about getting help, you are tuning into the part of you that still has hope. That's the part of you that's still alive. No matter how small, we can take this tiny hopeful part and develop it together. It's like working out. We've got to start slow so that we can effect change that you can internalize. Healing occurs when we unlock and release stored up feelings. From there we develop new thoughts and ways to approach life. Usually we discover that the person you originally thought you were has little to do with the person you are in reality.

I will help you change your thinking and discard old beliefs. My process is extremely effective in working through long term debilitating depression.

- Jackie A. Castro, MA, MFT © 2007

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