Jackie A. Castro is a Marriage Family Therapist practicing Crisis Counseling in Granada Hills and Northridge California.
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Crises Intervention

Crisis Intervention Counseling

When I talk about crisis intervention, I am talking about those who are experiencing something catastrophic in their lives that is caused by a real, situational occurrence.

By situational events I mean:
• Someone close to you passed away
• You just got divorced or separated
• You are experiencing a major change in your life
• You have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease
• You were in an accident
• You hurt yourself
• You got fired or laid off from your job
• Your children got married or went off to college
• You are experiencing menopause
• You are the victim of a violent crime such as rape
• Someone close to you was murdered
• Your house caught on fire
• A loved one is ill
• You feel suicidal
• The list goes on and on… 

These events might make you feel like you are ‘going crazy’ but it’s just the opposite. Your strong reactions are normal considering that you have experienced a catastrophic event. Crisis intervention counseling is designed to get you back to where you were in your life before the event occurred. It is focus oriented and gets you back on track. People in crisis are often hard on themselves. In an effort to make sense out of the unthinkable, they spend a great deal of time blaming themselves, judging themselves and obsessing about what could have been better, different or more.

Unconditional acceptance is something that all people in crisis need in order to start the healing process. Friends are well meaning but don’t understand or feel comfortable with the crisis itself. Therefore, they attempt to get the focus off you and on to something else.

I’m here to listen without judgment. I will then help you to discover your own unique coping skills and problem solve. So often during periods of acute stress, we focus on loved ones and forget about ourselves. Counseling gives you a place to attend to your own needs. Crisis intervention therapy is short term. However, it is extremely important to work through and process. It is essential to address the issue right away. If not, this situational crisis will manifest into a life long disorder. Don’t stuff your tragedy and hope that time will heal. If not completed, you will forever be affected by the memory.

Invest in this short-term therapy. It will take about five to ten sessions for you to normalize the event. It’s an investment in you that is vital to your health and well-being.

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