Jackie A. Castro is a therapist providing therapy and counseling for sexual fetishes, anxiety, depression and PTSD in Northridge and Granada Hills California.
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Anxiety is that feeling that keeps you awake at night. It's persistent and pervasive. We all have 'normal anxiety' about real events that may be new or challenging. It's not uncommon for us to sometimes lose sleep or be fearful about a new position at work, making a presentation or being concerned about your spouse or offspring. However, when the worry becomes an excessive, irrational dread of everyday situations that leaves you feeling out of control, then anxiety is a major concern. It becomes a disabling disorder that has crippling side effects. This is referred to as 'generalized anxiety disorder'.

Anxiety can make your heart beat so fast that you feel like you're about to pass out or die. That's called a panic attack. Many people aren't aware of the situation and get really frightened. Emergency rooms are filled with people who think they are experiencing a monumental disease when in reality they are in the midst of a controllable panic attack. Anxiety can be regulated. Some people might need medication but psychotherapy is recommended as an effective first step.

I offer a safe, stress free environment to help you explore. Did you know the way we think controls the way we feel? I'll help you discover your thought patterns. We'll sort out your way of thinking so that you will easily see how certain ideas color your mood and increase your anxious feelings. I'll then teach you how to discard those thoughts and replace them with more calming, rational ideas. This way of working is commonly known as cognitive behavioral therapy. It's extremely effective for managing anxiety and controlling panic attacks.

Sometimes your anxiety is a result of trauma from your past. You may or may not be aware of how some real traumatic events such as rape, molestation and combat are stored in our bodies and make appearances; when we least expect them. Relaxation, deep breathing, and guided self-imagery can make a difference and jump start you to being pro-active in your own mental health care.

- Jackie A. Castro, MA, MFT © 2007

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