Jackie A. Castro is a therapist providing therapy and counseling for sexual fetishes and alternative sexuality in Northridge and Granada Hills California.
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Alternative Sexuality

Alternative Sexuality

Society traditionally persecutes people who engage in a sexual lifestyle that is out of the norm. These attitudes foster feelings of guilt, loneliness and isolation.

A great deal of my clientele live a sexually alternative lifestyle. This includes people in the S/M, gay, lesbian, and transgender communities. I am experienced in all kinds of sexual variations such as fetishism, open marriages, transvestism and dominant/submissive exchanges.

I see men and women who want to come and talk about the challenges of being sexually 'different'. Sometimes there are issues such as 'coming out' to family and friends or figuring out a way to incorporate alternative sexual acts into an existing relationship. I work with you on feeling confident and unapologetic about who you are and your sexual preferences.

You might have already resolved your issues of living an alternative sexual lifestyle but need therapy for any number of other reasons such as depression, anxiety or grief. Wouldn't it feel more comfortable to seek out help from someone who is aleady knowledgeable about your alternative sexual preferences?

I have successfully worked with hundreds of individuals who need a safe, discrete environment to talk to someone who understands. I look forward to helping you.

- Jackie A Castro, MA, MFT © 2007

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