Jackie A. Castro is a therapist providing therapy and counseling for sexual fetishes, anxiety, depression and PTSD in Northridge and Granada Hills California.
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Jackie A. Castro


About Jackie A. Castro

Jackie A. Castro is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFT). She received her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles, California.

Jackie has a special gift that allows you to feel comfortable in getting in touch with unexpressed feelings and emotions. She provides a safe environment for you to gain a more accurate sense of yourself, thus bolstering your level of self-esteem.

Jackie's Mission

I chose this profession because I know what it’s like to struggle with unresolved issues from the past. I have a great deal of compassion for everyone who steps into my office and know that the pain you carry impacts your life in profound ways.

I understand it takes courage to seek out any kind of therapy. Most of us have been taught to not express our vulnerable thoughts and feelings. When you seek out my services, rest assured that you are coming to someone who understands and respects you as a fellow human being. I will do my best to tailor my services to fit your individual needs and lifestyle.

I recognize the fact that some people require me to have a more active than passive approach. Therapy needn’t be a long, drawn out process. For many people, all it takes are clear, direct steps in order to discover and break negative behavior patterns. On the other hand, other people benefit from a safe haven where they can finally be heard and acknowledged.

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Jackie A. Castro, MA, MFT #17744 • 818-377-4484therapywithcare@gmail.com